Want to turn back time? Our brand of history is entertaining, informative and unforgettable.

Our costumed characters bring the past to life with interactive presentations, using appropriate artefacts. Once you have been hung drawn and quartered, tried as a witch, had an historical make-over, or been treated for constipation by our barber surgeon, your view of history will never be the same. We pride ourselves on conveying accurate historical information, whilst making it fun and memorable. Good history does not have to be boring; we make sure that education and entertainment go hand in hand.

We work with schools, history groups, historic sites, family history societies, U3As, social clubs and anyone else who would like to experience our unique performances. From children’s activities to after-dinner talks, we provide living-history for all occasions. Audience participation is key to what we do.

Our focus is on the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, so whether you are holding a Tudor event at a tourist attraction, teaching children about the Great Fire of London, or wanting a presentation about life during the English Civil War, we can help.