Serbian for foreigners – SRPSKI ZA STRANCE

angloland is an educational provider located in Belgrade

A range of English language courses are on offer general English, examination courses such as Cambridge PET,FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS and US exams TOEFL. SAT.GRE.GMAT as well as courses for professionals, business English and CambridgeBEC, legal English and Cambridge ILEC etc. Groups of students are from 2-5 depending on the level, age and availabilities.

We also offer courses of Serbian for foreigners as follows:

  • * Serbian courses for teenagers and adults 16+
  • * courses for smallish groups 2-5 people

levels: *beginners’ * intermediate * advanced

  • * intensive summer courses of Serbian
  • * business Serbian courses *conversational Serbian classes
  • * tailor-made courses to suit your professional needs
  • * individual tuition available on request

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