Serbian City Club, London, UK

Serbian City Club is a London-based independent and non-political organisation established to promote the interests of Serbian professionals. Its aim is to provide a networking platform for the professionals looking to pursue a career in the City of London and more recently those who are looking to return to Serbia.

Thanks to our growing group of members, we support and encourage all professionals, whatever their origin or social status, to enter into the heart of the leading European and world’s business community. Anyone who is interested in becoming a member of our network is more than welcome to join the Serbian City Club and help us by taking part in our activities.

Serbian City Club was founded in the late 1990’s by a few enthusiastic Serb immigrants that were working in London’s financial institutions. Their idea was to bring to life an informal club that would gather young Serbian professionals that lived and worked in the UK. However, since 2004, our numbers have steadily increased and today the Club is more than 1600 strong. Our members are mainly London-based and work in all walks of professional life as scientists, doctors, bankers, engineers, lecturers, civil servants, etc. in renowned British and global institutions. Our typical Club member is characterized by a high level of education and cultural awareness which tied with their linguistic skills ensures their allows them seamless integration into British society. Whilst retaining strong links with their families and friends in Serbia, with a view of transferring their knowledge, skills and experience, they strengthen Serbia’s European identity and its key role in the Balkans. With this in mind, we have recently started a project of ‘brain drain reversal’ through which we are enabling Serbian professionals to return to Serbia.

The Club organizes networking events in London on a monthly basis thus enabling continued contact amongst the existing members and an opportunity to welcome new ones