The staff at Tune Into English have been combining their passion for music and teaching since entering the world of ELT.

Our students look forward to being rewarded at the end of each lesson with their favourite song, and agree it is the most motivating point of the lesson.

Tune into English was created by Fergal Kavanagh . He is both a Teacher Trainer and a one-time Radio DJ, and has taught in the Scuola Superiore and at the British Council and the University “L’Orientale” in Napoli, also collaborating with the Regione Campania. He has co-written a coursebook for the Italian, Spanish and Greek lower secondary school and conducted teacher training sessions throughout Italy, as well as in Germany, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Ireland.

In November 2005 he first presented the Tune Into English Roadshow, and since then has encouraged tens of thousands of students in five countries to listen more closely to the language used in songs.

While Tune Into English is his main activity, Fergal also works in many different fields. He regularly contributes to guide books on Naples and the surrounding area, has organised a pizza festival in Ireland and an Italian tour for Irish singer-songwriter Marc Carroll. He has collaborated in film production, and his voice features on many more productions.  He continues to occasionally DJ in local clubs and at private events.


taken with kind permission from www.tuneintoenglish.com