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Learning activities to prepare you for study in the UK

Prepare for Success is an interactive web learning tool for international students who are getting ready to come to the UK for study in further or higher education. It contains learning resources which are activity-based to help you find out about different aspects of academic life in the UK and the skills needed for effective study. As well as preparing you for what to expect during your studies, the activities provide scope for English language improvement*. The learning resources can be used in any order by clicking on a title. Alternatively, you can use them through the ‘study pathways’ page if you would like to search by skill or topic. There is a demo to watch if you would like more information on how to use the activities, and an interactive FAQs page where you can find simple answers to questions about study in the UK. There is also a special page of interactive questions and answers for international students planning to study in Further Education colleges in the UK. To see it, select FE on the menu bar.

* Prepare for Success is intended primarily for international students whose first language is not English. It is aimed at students with an IELTS level between 5.5 and 7.5 or equivalent.


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With Grammar.net and its Grammar Checker you can check and correct grammar and spelling mistakes and use Thesaurus feature to find synonyms

It’s easy to check your texts using our Grammar Checker – just download this Free program. Then you need to highlight the text you want to check and press CTRL+G button. Or use Grammar.net’s Rich Text for editing and checking your text with rich mark-up, just copy-paste it and then check your text.

Grammar mistakes are underlined with a green wave line and spelling errors with a red one. To correct mistakes you just need to select a word from the Suggestions list. The Thesaurus tab is used for synonyms. The words with found synonyms are marked blue. To change the active word to one of the suggested synonyms you just need to select one of the suggested alternatives in the Synonyms list, and then click Change to. Press Finish Checking and corrected text will be returned to input field.

Enhance your writing with FREE Grammar.net’s Grammar Checker! All you need to do is download and install it on your computer


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Forged out of thousands of children´s concerts, Dancing English was created to teach English and language skills to primary-age children through music and movement.

Kind of like Super Simple Songs, only for older children. Because big kids have big energy, and they need songs to match. Take a look at our intro video and you´ll see kids performing ameaningful movement for every line of every song. Combine this with songs kids really love, real-world lyrics they can relate to, and our free worksheets—and you´ve got a powerful teaching tool.

We admit it, we love fooling kids. We write fun, cool, rocking songs that to primary-age kids don´t sound like “educational” music at all. But teaching English is what we´re all about. And we know older kids love these songs because all of our songs are kid-tested. They´re easy to teach, easy to learn—and they don´t sound like children´s music! Maybe that´s because our music is recorded by Grammy-level musicians who record and tour internationally.

How good are the songs? Oxford University Press called on founder Daniel Griffin to write all the music for one of its primary English methods. And he tours the world with one of Latin rock´s biggest artists, so he knows how to get a crowd dancing and shaking! But don´t take our word for it—take a listen here.


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UNICAN was established on the basis of simple logic – introduce quality education from the very heart of Europe by offering the possibility of study, workshops, short-term training, preparatory courses and internships in the Czech Republic to students as well as working professionals.

We are a young but experienced team, and here at UNICAN we built the foundations of this educational and mediatory agency with the vision to introduce quality Czech education to the world. Our aim is to open the Czech Republic to more opportunities regarding international projects in the educational field through inviting overseas students and professionals to study in this amazing culture.

We cooperate with major domestic and foreign institutions including prestigious universities and agencies. Our courses are led by qualified and certified teachers with a wealth of experience and knowledge in their chosen subject areas.

We assure a modern conception of lifelong learning, an individual approach to everyone and a friendly atmosphere with a stable background offering peace of mind.
Our main objective is to ensure all UNICAN clients are 100% satisfied with their experience.


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ESL Lounge

Learn English on-line for free. Comprehensive grammar guide with related exercises.

Listening, reading and vocabulary.

Preparation for Cambridge FCE, CAE and CPE examinations.


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UsingEnglish.com is a general English language site, specialising in ESL (English as a Second Language) with a wide range of resources for learners and teachers of English, and has been running since the beginning of 2002.

Different varieties of English are used; there are contributors from the United States, Canada, Pakistan and non-native speakers, but much of the site uses British English as it was set up in the UK


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Want to turn back time? Our brand of history is entertaining, informative and unforgettable.

Our costumed characters bring the past to life with interactive presentations, using appropriate artefacts. Once you have been hung drawn and quartered, tried as a witch, had an historical make-over, or been treated for constipation by our barber surgeon, your view of history will never be the same. We pride ourselves on conveying accurate historical information, whilst making it fun and memorable. Good history does not have to be boring; we make sure that education and entertainment go hand in hand.

We work with schools, history groups, historic sites, family history societies, U3As, social clubs and anyone else who would like to experience our unique performances. From children’s activities to after-dinner talks, we provide living-history for all occasions. Audience participation is key to what we do.

Our focus is on the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, so whether you are holding a Tudor event at a tourist attraction, teaching children about the Great Fire of London, or wanting a presentation about life during the English Civil War, we can help.


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EFL magazine

EFL Magazine is an online resource for TEFL teachers worldwide.

Our aim is to have the best information available to English teachers worldwide and to reflect and address our readers’ needs.

The magazine welcomes contact from new contributors and commercial partners



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Jamie Keddie

English teacher * Writer & storyteller * Conference speaker

Differences between a father and son’s English


As a teacher trainer, conference presenter and storyteller, I have shared my ideas with teachers all over the world. My areas of interest include:
The use of images and video in language teaching
The teacher as a storyteller
The use of video-recording devices in language teaching

Here is a sample selection of events that I have been involved in:

* BBELT (January 2013) Mexico City
Keynote speaker, sponsored by the British Council
‘Video and storytelling’

* The Image Conference (June 2013) Barcelona
Keynote speaker, sponsored by Oxford University Press
‘Visual literacy in English language teaching’

* Cultura Inglesa (February 2014) Saõ Paulo
Provided workshops for teachers on the use of video and storytelling

* TESOL Arabia (March 2014) Dubai
Featured speaker, sponsored by the British Council
‘Video and storytelling’

* TOSCON14 (May 2014) Toronto
Plenary speaker, sponsored by Oxford University Press
‘Video and video narratives’

* TEC15 (March 2015) Hyderabad
Featured speaker, sponsored by the British Council
‘Video cameras in English language teaching’

* ELTDP Symposium (March 2015) Kuching
Keynote speaker, sponsored by the British Council
‘Taking video apart’
‘The teacher as a storyteller’

For bookings, please get in touch with me through the contact page.


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ELT Teacher2Writer

ELT Teacher 2 Writer is two things – firstly, we publish eBooks that train teachers in the craft and skills of ELT writing.

These are available via Amazon and Smashwords (which distributes to iBooks, Barnes and Noble, etc). There are training courses for writers of fiction and poetry, so why not ELT materials?

Secondly, it’s a database of writers, ranging from already widely-published writers, to enthusiastic teachers who write for their own teaching situations and want to find a wider audience. Any of the publishers whose logos are on our home page have free access to the database, enabling them to search for writers who match the criteria of the projects they’re looking to resource. For example, a publisher can search for people with experience of teaching secondary classes in Spain and Poland, and who have had materials published. Another search could be done for people who have IELTS experience and who are willing to give feedback to a publisher on the materials they’re currently using in the class. This kind of information would typically take a publisher weeks to gather, but using our database it can be done by sending a batch email and collected literally overnight.

Please visit the website or contact us if you’re:

  • a writer looking for work
  • a publisher looking for writers
  • a writer looking to hone your writing skills
  • an organization looking for writer training courses


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„Film English“ is a free resource site which promotes the innovative and creative use of film in English language teaching and learning.

There are over 150 detailed lesson plans designed around short films.

Film English is visited by over 100,000 teachers every month and there are over 3 million page views a year.

It has received critical acclaim winning various awards, including a British Council ELTons award for Innovation in Teacher Resources; the MEDEA Award for User-Generated Educational Media, the most important media and education award in Europe; and an English Speaking Union Award.“


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ENJOY RUSSIAN language school

Effective Russian language course. In 2 – 4 weeks the students improve their Russian! Our high qualified, creative, and experienced teachers hold exciting classes where students get a chance to practice language not only in the classrooms, but also in real-life situation: in cafés, shops, at the post office.

Russian homestay. Warm care, delicious national food, and long conversations in Russian – that’s what the students get in the Russian hostfamilies. They are people, who can answer your questions about Russia and with whom the students spend relaxing evenings, share their impressions about their day.

Russian Volunteers. Our volunteers are people of different ages who help the students to discover Petrozavodsk and solve such everyday problems as buying tickets or doing shopping.

Cultural program. Language classes are held in the morning and after lunch the students participate in various activities (both free and paid) such as watching films in Russian, presentations, workshops and excursions to Kizhi, Valaam, St.-Petersburg etc.

e-mail info@enjoyrussian.com
mobile +7 965 817 18 91

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Busy Teacher provides free printable materials for ESL/EFL educators:

Curated worksheets and lesson plans split into categories and available for download without registration. The categories include all language areas and levels.

In-depth that cover essential ESL topics such as how to teach grammar, use realia, and teach young learners. There are also a lot of lesson ideas and fun activities included in the articles.

There are a lot of dos and don’ts and tips and tricks that many teachers learn through teaching. Our ESL Essentials section will help you master the basics of teaching English and will help you start teaching like a ‘pro’. Every ESL Essentials article provides clear, to-the-point instructions that can be used with the students right away.


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Ratluk Bosiljčić


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“Preduzeće ALEA d.o.o. je osnovano 1992 godine. Tokom prvih godina svog poslovanja postali smo najtiražniji izdavač poslovnih publikacija sa izdanjima Poslovni vodič, Hemija i Hrana i piće.

Prvi smo prepoznali suštinu potrebe privrede da kroz tačne, proverene informacije o većini aktivnih privrednih društava u mnogome olakšamo međusobnu komunikaciju i na taj način omogućimo bolje poslovanje.

Tačne i proverene informacije o što je moguće većem broju privrednih subjekata su uvek bile, i biće, naš osnovni moto i cilj.

POSLOVNI VODIČ je prvi i najposećeniji privredni portal na našim prostorima. Sadrži potpune informacije o preko 70000 privrednih društava iz Srbije, Crne Gore i Republike Srpske.”


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Specijalistička stomatološka ordinacija Dr Savić

Stomatološka ordinacija dr Mire Savić je počela sa radom 01.07.1994. u Krfskoj ulici br. 20, na Zvezdari, u Beogradu.

Od osnivanja smo članovi Komore privatnih doktora stomatologije Srbije.

Dr Mira – Minja Savić je svoju diplomu specijaliste stomatološke protetike stekla u maju 1981. godine. Svoja višedecenijska znanja i iskustva iz oblasti stomatologije deli sa svojom naslednicom dr Jovanom Savić.

Porodična stomatološka ordinacija dr Savić već više od 15 godina odnosom prema svojim pacijentima dokazuje da odlazak kod stomatologa nije i ne treba da bude traumatično iskustvo . Izgradjen ugled ordinacije od poverenja doktorke Savić smatraju svojim najvećim uspehom .

Da bi svaki pacijent po dolasku u našu porodičnu stomatolosku ordinaciju imao maksimalnu posvećenost svog terapeuta, stomatološka ordinacija Savić radi ISKLJUČIVO po principu zakazivanja na broj telefona 011/ 64 – 26 -281.


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Domaći Ajvar

Domaći Ajvar

Naša porodica se bavi proizvodnjom paprike, paradajza i raznih drugih vrsta povrća već dugi niz godina. Naš kraj je veoma poznat po proizvodnji kvalitetne paprike.

Nakon dugogodišnje proizvodnje ajvara isključivo za kućne potrebe rešili smo da podelimo naš specijalitet i sa drugim ljudima širom Srbije.

U današnje vreme teško je pronaći kvalitetne proizvode i na policama u vašim najbližim radnjama se prodaju proizvodi veoma niskog kvaliteta. Ajvar koji tamo možete pronaći je uglavnom industrijski proizveden od paprike lošeg kvaliteta koja se ne ljušti već se kuva i industrijski melje. Takav ajvar mogu da jedu samo oni koji nikada nisu probali pravi domaći ajvar.

Naš ajvar prave ljudi a ne mašine. Svaka paprika prođe kroz ruke žena koje učestvuju u njegovom spremanju. Paprike se prvo peku na smederevcima a onda se ljušte i ostavljaju u hladnim prostorijama do mlevenja. Za naš ajvar biramo papriku iz našeg kraja koja je izuzetnog kvaliteta. Bez dobre paprike nema dobrog ajvara. Ajvar se nakon kuvanja sipa u prethodno zagrejane tegle da bi se napravio vakuum. Tako zadržava svežinu i kvalitet jako dugi vremenski period.

Probajte naš ajvar, mi vam garantujemo da se nećete pokajati!



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La carta doo knjizara se nalazi u Beogradu,ul. Despota Stefana 43 .

Postojimo od 1999 god. Obavljamo delatnost prodaje skolskog pribora,umetnickog programa,raznih vrsta papira za stampu i slikanje,kancelarijskog materjala,putnog programa,galerijskog programa, reklamnog materjala i vrsimo usluge stampe i fotokopiranja.

Kompletan asortiman nudimo na 6 mesecnih rata bez kamate za zaposlene u najvecem broju drzavnih firmi a blize informacija o tome mozete dobiti na telefon : 011/3229076 ili 062/282007






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